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UnderAcademy Summer Seminar 2013


*The Seminar ran July 29-Aug 6, 2013

In order for students to survive, a global downsizing shift, to be good workers set adrift in the transatlantic turmoil of divested capital, they must first be properly acculturated in de-institutionalization.  This course promises to teach students to unlearn previous programming and formal lessons (sorry, mum & dad, for the money invested…) and refresh what we learned at recess, in the lavatories, in the streets, between classes, in the bar, in the un-programmed procrastinated time of the academic day.  Get ready to vandalize the classroom wall of exemplary homework  à la Banksy.  At the same time, you will learn the hard lessons in economics, art, school protocol, sex without suffering the poverty, emotional isolation, or STDs (respectively) that typically come with those lessons.  In all, the value of public education!

Digressors: Maria Goicoechea and Mark Marino,  and others