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UnderAcademy College is an unaccredited undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate anti-degree institution. UnderAcademy College situates itself as a shadow-academic environment offering alternative courses and anti-degree programs in a variety of subjects. The primary mission of UnderAcademy College is to remain open, marginal, and unaccredited.

“UnderAcademy is not anti-academic, it is under — like under the influence of the academy. And, we are not a university; we are called a college because of its phonological proximity to collage.” Talan Memmott Provisional Provost UnderAcademy College


New from UnderAcademy’s Free Dogma Press Digressor Chris Funkhouser’s pressAgain and Sonny Rae Tempest’s Famicommunist Poetics (also available in ebook format). Funkhouser’s is a graphical poem employing and visually reflecting elements of an alphabetic textual expansion method, as practiced by Jackson Mac Low and others, while Tempest’s work explores the relationships between poetry and the Famicommunist age of 8-bit graphics and “big-pixel gaming” in visually concrete and procedural fashion. We liked them!

Digressor Sandy Florian Talks UnderAcademy “What I like best is that I’m able to explore courses of experiment that I wouldn’t normally be able to teach in the classroom. That’s not to say that these courses can’t be transformed into university-ready courses. With more diligence and pedagogical rigor, they probably can. But UnderAcademy allows me the freedom to try out these topics and see what kind of work they produce.” ALTDAILY.

Digressor Maria Damon ASKs; Digressor Sonny Rae Tempest TELLs “Code is just a language I use to express a thing that English has no word for.” Read about UnderAcademy graduate and current Fakulty member Sonny Rae Tempest’s digressions through poetry, code, cross stitch, nuclear engineering and more, as interviewed by Maria Damon on ASK/TELL.

UnderAcademy College makes the Chronicle of Higher Education The Chronicle of Higher Education’s WIRED CAMPUS Blog features an article of UnderAcademy College. Give the article a read!

The UnderAcademy Summer Seminar – Grammar Porn with Visiting Crescit Caput Mark Marino A GRAND SUCCESS!!! The Grammar Porn Summer Seminar with Visiting Crescit Caput Mark Marino was a grand success, with students developing lots of provocative work. In the course, students put the langue back in language, exploring the libidinal qualities of grammatical intercourse. Punctuated by ecstatic exclamations. See the steamy exercises!

Take a look at some of the work created by UnderAcademy College students during the first cycle of courses!

UnderAcademy / Free Dogma Press … books, books, books!

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- Read the April 6, 2012 Press Release · Listen to UnderAcademy Fakulty, Christopher Funkhouser speak about UnderAcademy (Interrupt Festival, Brown University, 02/2012) · Read the February 1, 2012 Press Release

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