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Generator meets poster, computation meets participatory performance, Zepka’s work is an exploration of writing in the wake of technoscientific excess.



WHAT REMAINS by Jeremy Hight

War of the World without aliens; Back to the Future with no time machine; Blade Runner without Replicants; Jurassic Park with no dinosaurs; The Matrix without computers; 2001 with no spacecraft; Robocop with no cybernetics; The Fly without teleportation, these are the stories of WHAT REMAINS


MY MOLLY (DEPARTED) by Talan Memmott

mollyFrom one angle, My Molly (Departed) represents a performance whose protagonist is nomadic language itself. From another, it represents the circus of a short-circuited mind in motion (call it the Broken Author Function, Botched Literary History, the effects of a computer virus or text generator) shot through with loss, energetic fluster, and, by its very exhilirated being-in-the-world, pure plain thrill.
– Lance Olsen, author of Theories of Forgetting

Reading Talan Memmott’s Molly is like listening to a vinyl record of the Western literary unconscious, of indecent solo longings brutalized into words, skipping on a tiny grain of dust, and the dust is the evidence of shared longings, and that is indecent too. Everything is fucked up, and it’s almost beautiful.
– Anna Joy Springer author of The Vicious Red Relic, Love

PRESSAGAIN by Christopher Funkhouser
pressAgainCreating this graphical poem I employ and visually reflect elements of an alphabetic textual expansion method practiced by Jackson Mac Low and others. The process further involves remediating, or transcreating across media, as work created for digital projection now becomes a book. This authorial distortion encodes commentary through underlining(s) and marginalia, as something unexpected becomes of a pre-existing text as it migrates across and between expressive frontiers. Readers receive two (or more) poems in one: the appropriated, altered visual poem(s), as well as a sub-textual narrative that accumulates as a result of alphabetic arrangement: words are potentially embedded, letter-by-letter through the first letters in each of the underlined words.

famicomSonny Rae Tempest summons the airy spirit of big-pixel gaming in Famicommunist Poetics, embedding 8-bit graphics in typewriter concrete and finding other novel relationships between poetry and gaming. What’s more, the whole project is presented in phile format, written in an instructional and poetic manner, like an old-school textfile tutorial. While others are satisfied to write their memoir poems about the videogames of yore, Tempest dares to do more: To actually cross the streams.
– Nick Montfort, poet, author of interactive fiction, and Associate Professor of Digital Media at MIT
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