Student Work – Cycle 4

Student work from the fourth cycle of UnderAcademy.

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OBJECTS (& collected works)




America’s most trusted banality. I want my banality!
carlottasc / Banality Based Banality

My slogans for banality and Banality based banality:

“Bridge that gap with banality based banality”

“A banality based banality works wonder”

“Banality based banality: the white meat”

“And all because the lady loves banality based banality”

“Come see the softer side of banality based banality”

“I’m a secret banality drinker”

“Gee, your banality smells terrific!”

“I want my banality!”

“A finger of banality is just enough to give your kids a treat.”

“America’s most trusted banality.”

UAC - BBB - babybanality

Using every space. Literally.
benantman / Banality Based Banality

UAC - BBB- literal

UAC - BBB - literal2

Notes and Questions on Histology
Talan Memmott / Banality Based Banality

UAC - BBB - histology

How to “perform” Queen-ing
various / Banality Based Banality

Students in Banality Based Banality have devised and developed a performative action that could be associated with Planking, Owling, Teapotting, Vadering, or Pottering. It is called QUEEN-ING and here is how it is done.

In a public place, with at least one other person around to document the action, stand up on a chair.
Over your left arm drape a bag of some sort.
With your right hand raised, give the rather stiff “queen wave.”
If you are with more than one other person (the person documenting the action) everyone must applaud politely as you wave.

Queening takes off…
anon / Banality Based Banality

UAC - BBB - Queeningcafe

Caught in the (performative) act
Talan Memmott / Banality Based Banality

UAC - BBB - QueenTalan

Jolanta / Banality Based Banality

response to exercise 10

UAC - EMP-LIT - colors

brow stone track hum clear
translate cove layer linger straight
height linger cool…

stamp forest hold straight
mist flow hum straight
enter hold arched—

shape shape sinuous hold
linger cool…

cove brow dim stamp
forest rippling direct translate clear dream
rock stamp arched linger
the crag track driven relax—

response to exercise 100

UAC - EMP-LIT - fold

orange – dance! bend! streaming…
blue – touch, plane – crows
brown sky…
sky, colours
red river -> hot moon

Response to Exercise 11
Luminita / EMP-LIT

Generative Poem.
Source words:
1. adjective-colours(white, blue, green, red, yellow, violet, black, indigo)
2. noun-feelings (happyness, uglyness, sadness, humour, hillarity, tiredness, full of energy)
3. verb-thinking(believe, suspect, doubt, clarifying, reasoning, balancing, assuming)

+free conjuctions

White happyness
Uglyness suspecting
and doubting blue, green or red
believing black.

Response to Exercise 10
Sonny Rae Tempest / EMP-LIT

OED QuickLinks Poetry:

Without your kenning lyeth Sardinia fast vpon the Africke sea. The light that never was, on sea or land. When we set Land, some this, some that do guess. How many people do you guess might follow you to Houghly, expecting employment? It is good to compound employments of both [young and old]. Bald, because old, old, because living long. We had to wait a long time for a poor dinner, and pay a long bill for it when it came. It’s no use a-trying to come it with me. Hear me, for I will speak.

Here is the procedure:

20 SEED = “”
30 Look up your seed word in a dictionary.
40 Write down an example sentence given within the definition.
50 The last word of that example sentence becomes the new seed.
60 GOTO 30

Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg [details]
Sonny Rae Tempest / EMP-LIT


UAC - EMP-LIT - raccoon

Chris Funkhouser / Music Improv

Alan Sondheim / Music Improv

Rick Zurrekt / Objects

UAC - Objects - Zurrekt

Spencer Selby / Objects

“In this way the abstract machine operates at the interstice between finite and infinite, it deterritorializes the concrete world, breaking matter out of its overcoded forms, to put it back into contact with its vitality, with its living flows, its inhuman and inorganic nature.”

UAC - Objects - Selby

eatock 1
Carmen Racovitza / Objects

UAC - Objects - Racovitza

Devin Hatto / Objects

the things made by humans feel just as much part of what we might
point to and call “human” as our physical bodies do.
not just personal objects like clothes, cars, tools and toys but public
objects too- like lamp posts, buildings.
seems to be the case with nesting birds and bee hives as well
where it’s difficult to separate the thing from the thing that makes it.

UAC - Objects - Hatto

Frère Reinert / Objects

-1- Everything is phenomenon
-2- Human desire object -2a- Object doesn’t desire human (not yet)
-3- Human make object -3a- Object doesn’t make human (not yet)

Ike Eisenhower / Objects

…A sense of direction
An objectual poetics
An objectual poetics

An objectual poetics has an ontic bent
need it be physical realism

An objectual poetics must take as its fundamental agents Hylomorphism? Some sort of a modified hylomorphism strikes me as potentially rather useful in constructing an objectual poetics, in a tradition inaugurated by Kathrin Koslicki (“The Structure Of Objects”, 2008, OUP) and Mark Johnston (?Strawson claims physical objects have ontological priority! (see Brody)…

untitled [extract]
Connie Michener / Objects

…Tennis, where early in learning, one is pro-volley, and once one has
the fundamentals, the best players are pro-return, but anti-volley. A
“system” is inherently pro-volley, not in terms of make-work but in
terms of continuous process. That said, the tennis winner, proreturn, anti-volley, is non-cooperative/not a good systems component, having the goal, in winning, being breaking the system of volley/sustainability.

Inside of a game, a skill at the ability to predict is honed with a focus on predictability within a defined/confined field and set of rules. One can posit that ability to predict is borne of living with and earning/determining predictability. The game is limited in its ability for unexpected revelation.

Looking outside of the game we are recalled to the wondrous
terrible matter of engagements/collisions of independent systems.
Juxtapositions breaking functional fixedness are
mute/simple/simplified demonstrations of reality [art imitating life].

Still Life After Cézanne (detail)
Anna Gibbs / The Inadequacies of Language

UAC - IOL - still life after cezanne

“[i]n imagination”
Joe Grobelny / The Inadequacies of Language

UAC - IOL - strike

then the real world modifies or neutralizes
this gaze as it were: it always goes outward,
but in imagination our gaze appears
between parentheses or quotation marks.

Will You?
Kelly Lydick / The Inadequacies of Language

Hold [ ]
Like “The _____”
And I Will * Say “____”
You = ______.

[ ] Me
Like You Are My %
*Love = Like [ ]
Will You ++ There?

Tell % Will You Hold [ ].
When _____, Will/You ___ Me
_____ Lost Will/You _____?

But % Told Me
“A Man = Be”
“And ____ When Not =”
And _____ The End
But ++ Only _____?

Everyone’s Taking [ ] Me
Seems _____ The World’s
Got [ % ] Me
I’m So {Confused}
Will You [ ] Me?
You’ll Be There For { }
And + Enough To *[ ] Me.

(Hold {} )

(Lead à)

(Carry ^)

(Save $)

(Lift %)

(Hold ++)

(Need #)

Two Harlots Quarrel in Public: They Call Out Your Name: Meaning?
Sylvia Liu / The Inadequacies of Language

UAC - IOL - Meaning Sweet Squares

Harlot 1: (Smoke signal) (Smoke signal) (Smoke signal)

Harlot 2: . – – . . . . – . – -?

Harlot 1: William Henry Young . . . New York Ocean Thomas? Bravo Easy Charlie Alpha Union Sugar Echo … India… Charlie Ocean Union Lincoln Delta.

Harlot 2: UR AFU

Harlot 1: AIIC

Harlot 2: * * * *

Harlot 1:

Harlot 2:

Broken Symmetries: Co(s)mic Philosophy by Richard Smyth [extract from comic book]
Richard Smyth / Think Differently: Inventing Electrate Thinking Practices

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 22.18.42

anon / WTF1001

uac - wtf1001 - sunnydale

anon / WTF1001

uac - wtf1001 - javantiger

The Ghost(s) of Cooper Union
anon / WTF1001

uac - wtf1001 - cooper

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