UnderAcademy Anti-Degrees

Like traditional academic institutions UAC has three degree levels:

Callidus Parvulus (crafty little one)
The UAC CP degree is the lowest level degree and something like a bachelors degree.  To complete a CP degree you must complete 4 UAC courses. The subject area for your degree will be based upon the courses you have taken and determined by the UAC fakulty. Four courses are required to receive a UAC CP degree.

Paratus Adversario (prepared adversary)
You may work toward a PA degree if you have first completed a UAC CP degree, or equivalent. To receive a PA degree you must take one course and complete a CP thesis project. The subject area of the PA degree is decided by the student in coordination with a UAC fakulty member.

Caput Magnum (big head)
You may work toward a CM degree if you have first completed a UAC CP and PA degree, or equivalent. The CM degree is completed independently with the superversion UAC fakulty member. To receive the UAC CM degree you must complete a CM level thesis project.

For each degree level the graduating student is awarded an official UAC certificate (PDF).