Press Release: UnderAcademy College Opens for Admissions



UnderAcademy College Opens for Admissions

Planet Earth, February 1, 2012 — UnderAcademy College, an unaccredited undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate anti-degree institution is now open for admissions and enrollment.

UnderAcademy, which does not have a campus and uses various social media platforms, situates itself as a shadow-academic environment offering alternative courses in a variety of subjects. The College provides three Anti-Degree levels — the basic Callidus Parvulus (crafty little one), the advanced Paratus Adversario (prepared adversary), and the terminal Caput Magnum (big head). Immediate course offerings include; Pedestrionics: Meme-Travel As Space-Time; Dogmatic Realism For Beginners; Non-Tools for the Animal Revolution; and, Computations And Ballistics (Throughout Glockenspiels).

All UnderAcademy classes are free of charge and tailored for the independent student. Depending on the courses and degree level a student selects, it is possible to earn an UnderAcademy College Anti-Degree in as little as 20 minutes. Provisional Provost Talan Memmott stated, “We are very pleased to be opening for admissions. We are trying to do something different here. UnderAcademy is not anti-academic, it is under — like under the influence of the academy. And, we are not a university; we are called a college because of its phonological proximity to collage.”

Fakulty currently offering courses include; Christopher Funkhouser (US), Catherine Daly (US), Ray DeJesús (US), Ron Broglio (US), Søren Pold (DK), Alan Sondheim (US), Erik H Rzepka (CA), Maria Damon, (US) Jeff T. Johnson (US), Eric Snodgrass (SE), Frederick Young (US), and Talan Memmott (US).

The primary mission of UnderAcademy College is to remain open, marginal, and unaccredited.
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