Press Release: New Courses, New Books

UnderAcademy College – New Courses, New Books

Planet Earth, April 6, 2012 — UnderAcademy College, an unaccredited undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate anti-degree institution is now accepting students for its second cycle of course. Current course offerings include; Catabolic Poiesis; Diskinetics: Inner Yoga, Mental Gymnastics, And Metaphysical Education; Communications 101: From Soothsaying To Telephony; Juicy Timeliness And Sublime Anti-Technics; and “Oh, Look, A Hypnotized Chicken!”: Composition And Distraction. Admissions are open through April 18 with courses beginning the week of April 23.

UnderAcademy, which does not have a campus and uses various social media platforms, situates itself as a shadow-academic environment offering alternative courses in a variety of subjects. The College provides three Anti-Degree levels — the basic Callidus Parvulus (crafty little one), the advanced Paratus Adversario (prepared adversary), and the terminal Caput Magnum (big head).

In addition to the start of the second cycle of course, UnderAcademy / Free Dogma Press has released two books for purchase online. (

Manifestos for Manifestos: A collection of experimental writing from UnderAcademy College Fakulty members addressing the manifesto as a literary form. The writings in the book are not outright manifestos; rather, they are manifestos for manifestos, for texts as yet unwritten. Of the volume Gregory Ulmer has said, “These manifestos propose to do for contemporary learning what Descartes’s skepticism and its methodological application did for Enlightenment science. The UnderAcademy is education with an attitude, raising the question: what happens when Cabaret Voltaire is accredited?” The volume includes work from Claire Donato, Christopher T. Funkhouser, Angela Genusa, Jeff T. Johnson, Talan Memmott, Erik H Rzepka, Eric Snodgrass, and Alan Sondheim.

Ionic Mascara Precinct: A sampling of some of the texts produced in the Advanced Macaronics course offered by UnderAcademy College in its first cycle of courses. Ionic Mascara Precinct includes text by Angela Genusa, Astrid Knight, Talan Memmott, Zsuzsa Mitró, and Sonny Rae Tempest.

The primary mission of UnderAcademy College is to remain open, marginal, and unaccredited.

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