Meme Culture, Alienation Capital, and Gestic Play (Seminar:Fall 2015)

Digressor/Editors Talan Memmott and Davin Heckman
Invited Promptors: Jeremy Hight, Mez Breeze, Claire Donato, Flourish Klink, Jeff T. Johnson, Erik Zepka, Mark Marino

UnderAcademy College in collaboration with Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge is offering a fall seminar in meme cultures. The course will focus on patterns of emergence, of decadence, of virality and longevity in relation to the cultural networks within which memes circulate.

Projects developed in the seminar will be published in a special issue of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge

The seminar runs September 15 – October 27. 
Following the seminar, participants will participate in editorial and production processes for the special issue. 

To participate in the seminar potential participant/contributors must apply for admission to the UnderAcademy College course. In preparation for applying, potential participant/contributors are encouraged to begin developing a thesis around issues related to meme culture including:

  • Rhetorical construction, function and modalities in meme forms such as image-macros, photo-fads, and viral video.
  • Memes as social and cultural capital.
  • Issues of play in meme culture.

Admitted participant/contributors will develop their projects in the context of the online course offered in Fall 2015, and the content and form of the special issue will be developed, edited, and otherwise mut(il)ated with the goal of producing an assemblage capable of creating new machine generated scholarship.