UAC Summer Transgression InterSession 2020

UAC Summer Transgression InterSession 2020

July 27-August 8

(Covid-Proof education since 2011)

In the age of Eduzoom, the Google Meet Market, and other manifestations of quarantined online education, UnderAcademy arrives for the re-education of our world.  As the global economies tumble, fascism returns, and student debts crushes the will of young people to learn, one institution has the courage to use upside down animals in its logo.  In light of this, we announce our call for courses for our Summer Transgression InterSession.

Propose a 1 or 2-week course.  Courses can be synchronous, asynchronous, or omnisynchronous.  

Send 100-8000 word proposals to:
By: June 30th

Proposals should include a clear statement of the course topic, an outline of lessons and activities, and several compliments about the UAC administrators, preferably in rhyme. 

This is an open call to teach for the UnderAcademy.   If selected, you will become part of our prestidigious faculty.  Priority will go to those who have taught or taken UaC courses before as well as those who actually take the time to send in a proposal rather than just messaging Talan.

Past courses include…..

Meme Culture Alienation Capital and Gestic Play,  Banality-based Banality, Advanced Macaronics, Grammar Porn. How to Read and Write Fake News, Dad Jokes,  Dogmatic Realism for Beginners, escuela del caos. 

On the structure of UaC Courses: UnderAcademy Courses are built on the model of radical anti-hierachies.  As you plan your course, do not become deluded with the illusion that your students are there to feed your insatiable ego.  They have egos of their own. And Eggos. And are under no obligation to share with the rest of the class.  In UAC courses, every student is a digressor, ever digressor is student, and every administrator is a useless prop . (Hey, speak for thyself.) (LOL)

Unlike traditional institutions that are taking your online instruction for free without asking, we will ask to take your online instruction for free.   

If you’re looking for an easy CV item, feel free to just add it without teaching a course (and pay the optional €.15 certification fee)

“UnderAcademy is not anti-academic, it is under — like under the influence of the academy. And, we are not a university; we are called a college because of its phonological proximity to collage.” Talan Memmott Founder and President, UnderAcademy College

See more information and past offerings of UnderAcademy College here:

Not to be confused with these losers:

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